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Audition with Authenticity and Confidence.

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Get in shape and fully prepared for College and Conservatory Theatre and Musical Theatre Auditions with award winning, Broadway veteran actress and writer Cheryl Stern.

With over 30 years of experience on both sides of the audition table, Cheryl brings her unique perspective to her Boutique Coaching Experience offering one on one personal training sessions in a nurturing and stress free environment. Unlike larger companies that offer college audition preparation services with a gigantic roster of coaches, Cheryl works by getting to know each one of her student’s wants, passions and goals. She builds a relationship that allows her to choose songs and monologues that resonate for each individual in order to create one of a kind, stand out auditions!  Students feel energized and confident entering the audition room time and time again as they bring their truly authentic selves forward.

Why Cheryl?

Cheryl is a one of a kind, full service “Personal Audition Trainer”. She will guide you, step by step, from your pre-screen videos, unified auditions to on-campus auditions, empowering you with the tools that will set you apart from the rest!

In this highly competitive arena of colleges and conservatories that offer theatre programs, the audition requirements vary greatly in terms of the length, style and era of songs and monologues. It can be very daunting to try to be fully prepared for each audition. I will take the terror out of the process by organizing and honing a suite of carefully chosen songs and monologues for you that allow you to cover all bases and feel confidently prepared for each audition.

I have been a working NY actor for many years and have auditioned for hundreds of productions. I’ve studied and worked with the best in the business and over time, I have developed my own practical techniques to reduce the nerves by doing the work to develop the story I am telling for each piece and preparing thoroughly. I want to help you add these skills to your toolbox and bring them to your audition experience.

My Students

Learn to trust that you are enough!

Stop trying to guess what they want

I believe in YOU!  I believe that every student has something unique to offer. You do not have to try to invent what you think teachers and directors want. They want YOU!  It is my goal to bring out the best you by selecting material that speaks to you and excites you. Then the process of developing your skills and preparing your audition begins!

One on One Private Sessions

In Person – FaceTime – Zoom – WeChat

When you work with me, we will dig deep to find the right material for you and then joyfully and playfully explore the wants and needs of the characters you are portraying. Together we will explore what motivates and activates you to sing this song, tell this story
The audition begins when you arrive. How you address the person signing you in, how you enter the room, speak to the accompanist, answer questions, take direction and interact are all important aspects of your audition.

Everyone in the room, professors, directors of theatre and music departments, want to get to know you! They want to see how you present yourself to the world. We will work through the entire audition from start to finish.

It’s A Process!

Let’s Get Started…

Starting in your Junior year is a great way to develop your skills without the panic.

Taking the time to get to know the process of auditioning, can give you a great advantage over those who wait for the last minute to dive into the season of auditions in their senior year.

Choosing programs that are right for you can also take time and I will help you unpack your goals and explore the kind of environment you are looking for in a college or conservatory setting.

Mock Audition Classes – During the course of the year, I offer classes where my students will have an opportunity to meet and observe one another in a valuable and supportive environment as each one is put through the paces of a college audition.  We learn as much by observing as we do by doing and this is a great way to get the nerves out of the way before actually auditioning for schools.

We will also get your resume and headshot together!  I will refer you to my carefully selected short list of excellent photographers to get a professional head shot that looks like you and feels authentic and engaging. Remember You are Enough. Our goal is to develop and showcase the best you!!